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As a specialist in web marketing, the communication agency assists you closely in the elaboration of your digital strategy.

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Our fields of expertise

Tailor-made websites

Website creation, custom website technical design or website redesign according to your needs.

Mobile applications

Development of mobile applications to sustain its various activities and further increase its turnover.

Web design & graphics

Graphic design, creativity and innovation in all the supports of the company’s visual communication.

SEO referencing

Traffic optimization through search engine optimization techniques for good positioning on search engines.

Visual identity

Effective digital strategies

Le digital devient un enjeu majeur pour toutes les entreprises. Ici, le hasard n’a pas sa place et tout doit être planifié à l’avance. Pour que votre stratégie digitale soit efficace, vous devez vous appuyer sur un référencement optimal de votre site internet, comme le site Fashion Foot par exemple, afin de pouvoir générer un site internet de qualité trafic et garantir la conversion du plus grand nombre de visiteurs en prospects.

Développez une stratégie digitale puissante, adaptée à vos clients et prenant en compte les facteurs clés de leur fidélisation.

Communication strategy

Your digital communication

Stand out from your competitors!

As part of your marketing strategy, you must make sure that everything that is digital communication has a prominent place in your marketing strategy. Web technologies offer a wide range of media to exploit to perfect your communication.

A good web marketing strategy


A content strategy must be of high quality, unique and well adapted to your target to be effective.


To manage your company’s presence on social networks in order to be as close as possible to your connected customers.


The first objective of an advertising campaign is to develop sales and generate leads.


It is a form of direct marketing in the sense that it hits the target directly. The message sent must be relevant.

Gain in creativity!

Graphic charter

This document is important because it summarizes all the rules for using your company’s graphic elements. It necessarily includes everything that may concern the company’s image: typography, colour palette, fonts, etc…

Web design

Web design therefore consists of transmitting information on a digital medium. It is a branch that requires creativity and innovation but also makes sense to be able to convey the message quickly and effectively through graphic and visual elements.

Visual Identity

The company has a visual identity that allows it to be known and quickly identified by customers. Identity is very important to stand out from its competitors and capture the target’s attention in a highly competitive market.

SEO Strategy

Do an SEO audit

An SEO audit is a complete diagnosis that is done on a website with the aim of improving its positioning in search engine results. It determines the strong and weak points in order to be able to take the necessary measures.

SEO referencing

Boost your SEO

A good SEO depends on several factors including the choice of the right keywords, the implementation of a relevant internal network, the optimization of images and obtaining good quality backlinks without forgetting the local character of the SEO.

SEO employs techniques to satisfy the relevance requirements for the algorithms that search engine robots follow. You should be interested in both On page SEO and Off page SEO.

A traffic creation operation is important for your website in the case of trying to conquer and get new customers, meanwhile you can retain the loyalty of old ones.

VIP Reputation

What about your e-reputation?

E-reputation has become an increasingly important issue for companies. It is sometimes mandatory to set up a team to manage negative and false opinions about your brand in order to rectify the situation and restore your image.